Why work at Ctrack?

Ctrack, a pioneering leader in telematics and data intelligence, presents a dynamic and innovative workplace for professionals seeking to shape the future of telematics technology. At Ctrack, you'll find yourself at the heart of a company that's at the forefront of providing cutting-edge solutions like Crystal - a platform revolutionizing real-time monitoring, analytics, and operational optimization. Our team is dedicated to creating and implementing modular, customisable technologies that evolve with business needs, catering to diverse sectors such as government, agriculture, transport, and more.

Joining Ctrack means being part of a culture that values creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning. We offer a stimulating environment where your ideas can drive change and contribute to the advancement of sophisticated fleet telematics and data analysis. Whether you're passionate about technology, eager to solve complex challenges, or looking to make a tangible impact in a fast-paced industry, Ctrack is the place where your career can flourish. Embrace the opportunity to work with a diverse team of experts, enjoy a supportive work environment, and be part of a journey that's reshaping the way businesses manage their fleets and assets.




Meet our Prime Team

  • Hein Jordt

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Natasha Gomes

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Jo-Anne Ward

    Executive: People & Culture

  • JG Heijstek

    Executive: Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Jaco Le Roux

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Mike du Preez

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Raymond Schulz

    Executive: New Ventures & OEM's